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Data Portal

Interactive map interface
Real-time data and status monitoring
Easy management of your data and devices

Meet the Data Portal

Real-time data from all your Obscape sensors will be collected into the Obscape Data Portal,  your gateway to the field. The convenient map-based interface allows for integral management of your data, devices and operations.

Free for the lifetime of your Obscape device:

- Unlimited devices per project  - Up to 50 users per project

- Software updates  - Threshold alerts

- Reports  - Diagnostics - Secure Login

- Forwarding options  - White labelling

Product Overview

The Obscape Data Portal is the ultimate tool to unify the office and the field. The portal supports you during each step of the measurement process: activation and preparation of your sensors, real-time data access, calamity management and operational maintenance of your devices.

FREE Features

  • Licence and secure sign-in
  • Report generation
  • Integral data management
  • Customisable styling
  • Data forwarding
  • Maintenance log
  • Monitoring alerts

Main Application Areas

  • All your Obscape observations

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