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Water & Environment

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Water & Environment

Water plays a crucial role from agriculture and sanitation to energy, industry and transportation. This brings about a continuous effort of our society to ensure that safe and clean water is present where it is needed, while flooding of built-up areas due to an excess of water is to be avoided. Real-time monitoring of natural and man-made water systems is essential to stay in control.

Obscape provides an affordable, easy to use and convenient means to collect and access real-time water & environment data, whether you are monitoring stormwater runoff, hydropower generation or aquatic habitats. Our easy-to-deploy, rugged observation equipment is geared towards keeping remote site visits and operational costs to a minimum.

Our innovative equipment paired with the powerful, intuitive Obscape Data Portal creates the perfect tool to obtain observations of baseline behaviour and short-term or long-term changes of the environment, providing a solid base for sustainable management of water systems.

Environment & Water monitoring

Core Products

Integral observation of any water or environmental system can be easily achieved by deploying the Obscape WaveBuoy,  Weather Station, Level Gauge, Time-Lapse Camera, Wave Gauge, Wave Module, Rain Gauge, or integrating any 3rd party sensor like a Water Quality Sonde  or Current Profiling Sonde.

Combined with real-time reporting through to the Obscape Data Portal, Obscape PTM monitoring systems are ideal for on-land water systems include monitoring of catchment areas, wastewater treatment, hydropower generation, stormwater run-off, aquatic habitats and polder systems.

Application Devices

Level Gauge

Water level monitoring plays an important role in monitoring natural or man-made water features. Obscape’s Level Gauge delivers real-time water level measurements. It records the water level using a highly accurate radar sensor. Since the instrument is mounted above the water surface, deploying it in the field is easy.


The incredible 40 metre range of the Level Gauge covers even the most extreme water level variations. The rugged Obscape Level Gauge can measure and monitor water levels & the flow of: rivers, estuary tides, lakes, catchment areas, dams,culverts & hydro structures

Time-Lapse Camera & HQ Time-Lapse Camera

Obscape’s Time-Lapse Camera and HQ Time Lapse Camera are robust, fully wireless solutions that delivers time-lapse images to your desktop in real-time. It allows you to have a look at your area of interest at any time of the day, wherever you are. Power is supplied through built-in solar panels, while images are transmitted in real-time using a 4G GSM ( optional sat. com) connection. Its wireless nature & optional camouflage pack makes the Obscape Time Lapse Camera sustainable & very suitable for discrete monitoring of remote areas.


Due to its wireless nature and compact housing, our Time-Lapse Camera is easy to deploy in any environment. Obscape Time-Lapse Cameras are ideal for dense coverage of spatial and temporal dynamics, allowing you to keep a close watch on everything that happens in your area of interest including construction works, urban smart Cities, water treatment plants, catchment management, storm water systems, the natural environment, industrial production facilities & processing plants.Obscape's HQ Time-Lapse Camera is ideally suited for long-term visual monitoring of gradually evolving processes, such as beach and river morphology, littering of surface waters or construction works.

The downward-looking version of the HQ Time-Lapse Camera was developed particularly for monitoring debris/litter on water surfaces when mounted on a bridge deck. Paired with automatic litter detection software, the camera will keep a close watch on pollution rates of the river surface over time.


Rain Gauge

Obscape’s Rain Gauge delivers real-time rainfall measurements. Its industry-standard rain collector is connected to Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module to create a completely wireless real-time rain gauge. A network of Rain Gauges will yield valuable insights into the dynamics of your water systems.


Rainfall is a vital process in catchment areas, but can also trigger flooding disasters. Rainfall intensity can vary strongly over time and at different locations in the water system. In order to determine the input of water into the water system and to stay informed in disaster situations, a network of rain gauges is a basic necessity for any catchment monitoring program. Obscape’s Rain Gauge is the perfect instrument to provide you with the latest rainfall data from any location. The Obscape Rain Gauge is robust, wireless and unobtrusive, making it easy to deploy, both in urban and remote environments including: reservoirs, water works, dams, shorelines, landscapes, manufacturing facilities and processing plants.

Weather Station

Obscape’s robust and user-friendly Weather Station s combines Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module with an industry-standard weather sensor. Built-in solar panels and the GSM connection guarantee easy hassle-free installation & monitoring in any environment. The Obscape Weather Station can measure weather events in your location, compare with historical records, or set alarms


The Obscape Weather Station should be a standard asset of your environmental monitoring setup. It provides a wide range of weather parameters in: rural areas, bulitup urban landscapes, shorelines, hydro structures, dams, rivers, rivers, eustary tides, lakes, catchment areas,calverts and resevoirs.s.


Lightweight, tough & reliable wave measurement buoy; which accurately measures full bulk wave & directional wave spectra parameters. Real Time measurements transmitted to the Data Portal through low cost cellular  communication.

The Wave Buoy uses a combination of motion sensors and an electronic compass to measure the directional wave field with high accuracy. This yields the directional wave spectrum and all parameters that can be derived from it, such as the 1-dimensional energy-density spectrum and a range of bulk wave parameters (significant wave height, peak wave period, peak wave direction, etc.).

Purchase includes Free use of the Data Portal,  for the lifetime of your Wave Buoy, 8 x lithium D Cell batteries ( up to 12 months lifespan) and  100 EUR  of  free Cellular data- enough Data to last you up to 12 years!


  • Incl. data portal, 8 x lithium batteries and Global SIM with 100 EUR Data
  • Mooring line sold separately


  • Marine & Coastal engineering
  • Floating Solar Farms
  • Oceanographic research
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Work compliance monitoring

Data Portal

The Obscape Data Portal is one of our core products because of the great value it brings to easily view and analyse observations in real-time. The secure and powerful Obscape Data Portal is web-based and developed by Obscape to support integral monitoring and management of entire water systems.

Intergral Data Management

The Obscape Data Portal does more than just visualising your real-time observation data. It includes tools for data management and analysis, such as a variety of data downloads, flagging invalid data points, comparing data across all your measurement stations, and viewing historic statistics of your dataset. Furthermore, you can register for periodic data reports in PDF format that are delivered to you by email.s.

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