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Highly accurate radar sensor Real-time Level Gauge With versatile Data Portal Wireless, solar powered Time-Lapse Camera With versatile Data Portal Robust, wireless Rain Gauge With real-time data sent to you Solar powered, light-weight, rugged WaveBuoy Delivering Premium Environmental Technology
and equipment.
Comprehensive weather data RAIN OR SHINE Weather Station

Tough, high quality on budget monitoring systems for easy accurate observations.

Robust and wireless real-time monitoring solutions to suit all budgets and environments.

Easy to use

The small size and integrated telemetry and solar power make our instruments very easy to use and deploy.

FREE Integrated data

All our devices include Free access to the Data Portal at no addition cost whatsoever. No hidden charges, for the lifetime of the device. Who likes paying for subscriptions?


Our mission is to make high quality, environmental and industrial observations easy. Our instruments are designed to be easily installed, compact, robust and low maintenance.


Our Core PTM and Buoy platforms can host a variety of sensors  to communicate real time data with a low cost cellular mobile and satellite connection.

UV protected, tough and robust housing!
Real-time data 4G (2G fallback) & Satellite Telemetry reporting all measured parameters to the Free-to-Use Data Portal!
Marine lantern with bespoke refractive optic lens, allows for a standardised marine optical range as well as power efficiency.
Easy, affordable mooring options!
Accurately measures full bulk wave & directional wave spectra parameters!
Easy: start-up, deployment and operation
Powered by energy efficient solar panels (additional battery option for Artic solar conditions)
Deploy by hand. Compact 500mm diameter and Light weight 12,5kg!
Lifting rings for quick, easy deployment and retrieval!
Visually noticeable heightened hull design for collision avoidance with passing vessels.
Low operation cost with longer lead service and maintenance intervals.

Meet the Wave Buoy

Lightweight, tough & reliable wave measurement buoy; which accurately measures full bulk wave & directional wave spectra parameters. Real Time measurements transmitted to the Data Portal through low cost cellular and satellite communication.

Wave measurements are an indispensable part of any MetOcean or Limnology project. The Obscape Wave Buoy is based on recent advances in solar power, sensor and data technology, ensuring a rugged, light-weight, reliable and affordable wave buoy.

Purchase includes Free use of the Data Portal,  for the lifetime of your Wave Buoy  & 5,000 free satellite communication credits to get you started!

Energy efficient solar power!
Variety of sensor mounting options
IP67 Robust housing
Completely wireless
Telemetry reporting in Real Time, to the Free-to-Use Data Portal!

Meet the PTM (Power & Telemetry Module)

Obscape’s Power & Telemetry Module (PTM) is a highly convenient all-in-1 datalogger that will turn any 3rd party sensor of your choice into a plug-and-play real-time monitoring solution.

Obscape's PTM can host a variety of sensors including 3rd party manufacturers to communicate in real time with a cellular connection ( satellite option available on request) through to the secure and Free-to-Use Obscape Data Portal.

To suit your area of observation, the PTM can be coupled with a sensor to become the monitoring station you need. To find out more click on the text below:

Weather Station    Level Gauge    Time Lapse Camera   CT Station

HQ Camera    Water Quality Station    ADCP Station   Rain Gauge

                    Need to monitor something different?

                    We enjoy the challenge! Click here and let us know.

Free of Charge for the lifetime of the device!
New Look!
Now even more accurate!
New Water Quality Station!
Updated lens!
High quality camera up to 12.3MP
Measures 12 different parameters!
Measure conductivity, temperature and salinity!
Industry Standard Rain Bucket
New! ADCP Station
Current Profiling Station.2
Watch this space!
Watch this space!

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