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Wave Module

Energy efficient solar power!
Mount to most habour markers, offshore floating hulls and navigational buoys
IP67 Robust housing!
Solar Powered data transmission to the Obscape Data Portal is completely wireless.

Meet the Wave Module

Highly accurate real-time wave measurement system that reports
the wave spectrum including wave height, wave period  and more.

By pairing Obscape’s versatile Power & Telemetry Module with our accurate wave sensor, the Obscape Wave Module mounted to most standard hydrography and navigation buoys empowers the customer to accurately measure waves within a low cost and rugged IP68 solution.

The Wave Module uses a combination of motion sensors and an electronic compass to measure the wave field with high accuracy. This yields the non-directional wave spectrum and all parameters that can be derived from it, such as the 1-dimensional energy-density spectrum and a range of bulk wave parameters.

Habour markers, offshore floating hulls and navigational buoys are designed to withstand high shipping traffic areas, extreme swell and current conditions. By mounting the Obscape Wave Module to these types of stable floating structures, the bespoke Obscape engineered wave measurement system offers a rugged IP68, accurate and reliable solution to measure the full wave spectrum.


- Port and harbour entrances

- Shipping lanes and edge channels

- Inland Waterways

- Aquaculture areas

- Offshore power farms

Purchase includes Free use of the Data Portal,  for the lifetime of your Wave Module and also includes free brackets and fasteners.

Product Overview

The Wave Module is suitable for application in ports and harbour entrances, shipping lanes and edge channels, inland Waterways, aquaculture areas and offshore power farms to name a few.

Whether you are interested in Marine & Coastal engineering, Oceanographic research, Environmental monitoring or Work compliance monitoring the Obscape Wave Module suits your needs.

Key Features

  • Economical option
  • Solar powered
  • Mount to existing buoy structure
  • Completely wireless
  • Real-time data
  • Non-directional wave spectrum
  • 4G GSM telemetry (optional Satellite)
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Easy and Secure data portal included Free of Charge

Easy and Quick Setup

Deployment of the Wave Module can be achieved by mounting to a floating hull structure prior to deployment or onsite at sea. Standard brackets are supplied, or a simple cage fabricated by the customer to enable mounting to most habour markers, offshore floating hulls and navigational buoys

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