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All products are developed with Precision and

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Mooring line

Design by Dr Max Radermacher- PhD at TU Delft , Hydrodynamics

Each mooring is specifically designed to the client's required specification and is engineered to withstand the maximum environmental swell, current conditions and depth at the exact area of deployment. This ensures not only a rugged system capable of operation in your site's bespoke conditions, but also accurate measurements over long to short term deployment. Real smart mooring.

€1,200 excl. VAT

Purchase includes: marine grade stainless steel chain, high tensile strength 12 strand UHMWPE  line, marine grade stainless steel in-line weight and shackles and marine grade floats. Excl. anchor chain and anchor.


Extension bridge bracket

Stainless steel bracket for top-side mounting of Obscape PTM Core devices.

The standard PTM brackets which are supplied with your PTM should accommodate most mounting points you encounter in the field. However, the Obscape Extension Bracket is recommended for use with the HQ downward facing camera and may be necessary for use with the Level Gauge and Wave Gauge if your mounting area has a "line of sight" obstructions (e.g: bridge foot or pipeline).

For further information please contact your Obscape representative.

€200 excl. VAT

PTM External Solar Panel

10 watt, 6 volt solar panel to suit the Obscape PTM. External Solar voltaic urethane panels for a low solar to high energy conversion, making them ideal for poor solar conditions and high-latitude deployments.

€450 excl. VAT

Core Features

- Waterproof (IP67)

- UV resistant (10+ year life)

- Durable and lightweight

- Includes mounting bracket and cabling

PTM Satellite Enablement


Empower your PTM to transmit to the Data Portal via an Iridium Satellite communications module, integrated to the PTM of your choice! Monthly data transmission costs may vary according to frequency of communication intervals, and size of data transmission. Incl. Integration of Sat Module.

€550 excl. VAT


Additional Costs

  • 14 EUR monthly line rental.
  • 06 EUR per credit for data. Transmissions cost from 1 credit per data

NOTE: Not available for HQ or Time Lapse Camera

Mooring Loop to suit OBS-BUOY400 Wave Buoy

Replacement high tensile strength 12 strand UHMWPE  mooring loop complete with marine grade rubber sheath and stainless steel shackle. Provided free of charge with purchase of OBS-BUOY400 Wave Buoy. 

€45  excl. VAT


  • Pricing quoted as ex-works. DAP shipping available on request.
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT and duties may be applicable on import
  • Prices quoted are valid for a period of 60 days unless prior notification is received
  • Use of Data Portal is included with purchase of device
  • Data is accessible on the Data Portal or may be transmitted to your own system
  • Warranty from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months
  • General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are applicable

Developed with precision and expertise

At Obscape we take care to ensure that each of our products is expertly crafted and share the same core characteristics:

Easy to use

The small size and integrated telemetry and batteries make our instruments very easy to use and deploy. Your observations have never been so convenient!

Integrated data

All your observations are collected into the Obscape Data Portal. Data can be viewed, analysed and downloaded through an intuitive dashboard.


Our mission is to make environmental and industrial observations accessible to anyone. Affordability is therefore a key characteristic of all our products!


We realise that every project is special. Obscape will adapt to your specific needs!



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