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Pressure Wave Gauge

Energy efficient solar power!
IP67 Connector
Rugged and Robust housing!
Accurate and reliable industry-grade pressure sensor
Brackets included with multiple mounting point options.

Meet the Pressure Wave Gauge

Pressure sensors are a popular instrument for nearshore wave measurements. Obscape’s pressure-based Wave Gauge adds real-time data transfer and solar power into the mix, providing a very complete and convenient package for wave observations.

With the pressure sensor mounted below the water surface and the data logger above, real-time wave observations in a harbour basin, at an offshore platform or at a shore-based pier or jetty become very convenient. Whether you are interested in improving navigational safety or wish to investigate the impact of waves on coastal morphology, Obscape’s pressure-based Wave Gauge suits your needs.


- Ports and harbours

- Stationary offshore structures

- Piers and jetties

- Estuaries and lagoons

For the Radar version click here!

Purchase includes Free use of the Data Portal,  for the lifetime of your Wave Gauge and also includes free brackets and fasteners.

Key Features

  • Accurate wave data
  • Industry-grade pressure sensor
  • Maximum depth 5 m
  • Real-time data
  • Solar-powered
  • Real-time data: 4G & 2G (upgradable to Satellite)
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Versatile data portal included

Product Overview

Wave monitoring plays an important role in various fields of science and industry. The Wave Gauge is suitable for application whenever a fixed structure is available to mount the device to. This can either be a platform, pier, jetty, pole, bridge deck, etc.

How does it measure?

The instrument measures the wave-induced water pressure using an industry-grade pressure sensor. Internal processing algorithms based on linear wave theory will convert the pressure timeseries into non-directional wave spectra and bulk wave parameters.

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