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Category: Client story


Ocean Science Magazine

Environmental monitoring made affordable.

Ocean Science l ECO Special Issue l RISING SEA 2021

It’s one of humankind’s greatest challenge: keeping back the tides. The stories highlight the international efforts underway to create resilient coasts with nature-based solutions and green coastal development….

Monitoring the waves in Benin

The coast of Benin is highly susceptible to erosion due to its geographical situation along the Atlantic Ocean. The erosion of the beaches is further enhanced by the construction of paved dikes on land. Consequently, coastal tourism can not develop in this area. For that…

BVS Case Referral: Obscape B.V.

Boyan Savov, B.V.S. Consult Ltd. Varna, Bulgari. “Our relationship with the founders of Obscape dates back over 15 years. During this time we have appreciated the innovative design and reliability, and at the same time the low operation costs for monitoring marine and  coastal environments”….

Qrejten Breakwater

The protection of Marsaxlokk fishing port in Malta is now possible with the construction of the Qrejten Breakwater and the deployment of coastal monitoring systems. For many years, Marsaxlokk fishers have been calling for a new breakwater and offshore monitoring to protect and observe the…