The relationship between Obscape, Boyan and B.V.S. Consult dates back over 15 years. During this time, BVS have purchased, tested and deployed a range of Obscape devices for use on various projects.

In 2017 B.V.S. Consult was appointed as the Consultant Engineer for the building of a new terminal at Port Burgas. Because of the configuration of the coastal area (bay area, breakwaters, etc.) BVS has recently deployed a wave buoy for a specific time period to correlate the forecast with the real measurements of wave parameters at the harbour. The Wave Buoy helped to significantly improve the reliability of wave forecast for that project.

Having experience from number of deployments locally and internationally, B.V.S. Consult deployed the OBS-BUOY400 offshore on the main breakwater of Port Varna. The purpose is to monitor the wave conditions, improve wave forecast, and mitigate the downtime of repair works. In addition, the influence of reflect from breakwater wave is studied.

Measurements of reflected waves at the port breakwater of different incident angles was recorded. Both regular and random waves with narrow and broad frequency and direction spreading were measured, and the distribution of wave heights verified. In addition to contributing to an understanding of the phenomenon of reflected waves, the full spectrum dataset of real time wave measurements is available to Boyan via his free to use Obscape Data Portal account.