November 2023

Dear monitoring professionals,

It is with great pleasure that I’m presenting our first ever newsletter. Obscape is currently going through a number of exciting developments, which we would love to share with you.

The year 2023 has brought us interesting new products, beloved new clients and fascinating projects. Now that the year is drawing to a close, our Durban office is preparing its move to a splendid new facility.

Keep reading for the details. We hope to hear from you soon!

Warm regards,

Max Radermacher
Obscape director

We are moving!

To support continuous business growth, Obscape have expanded with new factory premises.

Expanding manufacturing capacity has become essential to meet growing customers’ demands, but also presents to Obscape BV a great opportunity to take further steps improving overall customer service, greater R&D flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing processes and optimized scalable production to meet and anticipate long-term growth and future demand for its main global markets.

As a leading organisation which specialises in the design, build and offer of precise real time environmental monitoring solutions, Obscape has maintained its solid commitment to continued growth through a major investment by means of its business expansion with a new 600 m2 production and office facility in uMhlanga, South Africa (greater Durban area).

This step will enable Obscape BV to strengthen its support for their customers in the offshore and water sectors and allows us to take substantial steps to grow the business and expand into new markets.

The new factory development comprises of a high-quality, attractive design aspect which extends and complements the existing Obscape brand, making a positive contribution to appearance and market identity.

New Product – GPS Tracker

Obscape are proud to introduce their newest addition to the PTM product line: the GPS Tracker.

Next to the familiar benefits of the PTM (built-in solar power, cellular telemetry, robust housing, free data portal, real-time settings updates), its features include:

  • Reporting latitude, longitude, velocity, heading and accuracy (HDOP)
  • Optional satellite communication with internal antenna
  • Geo-fencing
  • Dynamic, high update rate in case of breaking geofence (up to 1 minute)
  • Dynamic geo-fencing (snapping to new fence location when position stabilises)

Ideal for tracking all your valuable floating or rolling assets, e.g. mounting to an existing buoy or vessel. Real-time fleet monitoring has never been more convenient. Our sales team is ready for your pricing enquiries, the production team ready to set the wheels in motion!

Obscape in Bangladesh´╗┐

In order to continuously and online monitor environmental conditions like water levels, wind speed, weather parameters, chemical water properties and waves, several Obscape devices have been deployed in remote conditions by one of our trusted clients in Bangladesh.

Monitoring these parameters and data in real-time, allows our client to fine-tune and adjust operational decisions, tailored to the rapidly changing environmental conditions in the country formed by an extensive river delta.

Accuracy in water height (tide) and waves, significantly differing throughout the seasons and in presence of adverse weather systems in the Bay of Bengal, are crucial to ensure continuous operation of our client’s marine and land based operations. The reliability of the Obscape modules has proven to be superior over the past 4 years of active deployment of devices in Bangladesh.

Several of our client’s standard sensors were paired with the Obscape PTM module in order to bring the data to life. This has allowed parameters which were previously transmitted through complicated radio transmission setups, to be readily available through the versatile Obscape data portal. Monitoring of chemical (pollution) and turbidity (sedimentation) values online and at different locations throughout the Bay of Bengal and the Bangladesh river systems, allows our client to acquire knowledge on seasonal and other fluctuations of the water quality.

As a trusted partner, Obscape modules are further adapted and programmed to serve the needs of our client in particularly remote conditions.

Water Quality monitoring for unique megaproject

AMRO is a marine products and solutions provider based in the GCC and Caspian region. As Obscape’s partner, AMRO has successfully commissioned and installed four (4) Water Quality Monitoring buoys for an ongoing dredging and reclamation mega-project in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The mega-project will add 53.5km of coastline to the city’s landscape, including 16km of beaches, and will feature manmade hills, measuring up to 50 metres above sea level, a unique accomplishment in the dredging industry.

The area’s natural features will be complemented with mangroves, habitat zones and planned piers extending into seagrass areas. Coastal processes, safety, and water quality have been carefully considered, and accurate real time monitoring of water quality parameters is vital to meet project KPI’s to minimise environmental impacts from dredging activities on the area’s biological resources.

The first phase of approval for AMRO; was to carry out side by side comparisons with the incumbent water quality monitoring solution. This was performed alongside witnessing environmental engineers, the results of which the end user was extremely impressed with. The client was also impressed with the added value of AMROs local in-house engineering team and user focused support, as well as Obscape’s rugged, solar powered, real time data logger which transmits to a their free to use on-line based platform via a telemetry solution.

Based on the outcome of the successful monitoring, AMRO designed and manufactured 4 water quality buoys, which after a testing phase were deployment on the megaproject. The Client now has a solution for real time water quality monitoring to ensure they meet their project KPI’s.

This project has further enhanced AMRO and Obscape’s capabilities in the region, building on our collaborative strength and customer driven focus.