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Power and Telemetry Module (PTM)

Powered by energy efficient solar panels!
Easy Plugin for a variety of sensor mounting options!
IP67 Robust housing!
Completely wireless. No receiver station needed!
Free brackets included, with multiple mounting options!
Telemetry reporting in Real-time, to the Free-to-Use Data Portal!

Meet the PTM (Power & Telemetry Module)

Obscape’s Power & Telemetry Module (PTM) is an affordable and  rugged, wireless all-in-1 datalogger. Its built-in solar panels and cellular modem will turn any 3rd party sensor of your choice into a plug-and-play real-time monitoring solution.
Obscape's PTM can host a variety of sensors including 3rd party manufacturers to communicate real time data with a  cellular connection ( optional satellite) through to the secure and Free-to-Use Obscape Data Portal.
To observe the most common environments,  Obscape have designed their own PTM Core Modules. Click on the below to find out more:

Need to monitor something different? We enjoy the challenge!- Contact us here and let us know.

Purchase of any PTM & Sensor includes the Data Portal subscription and mounting brackets Free of Charge

Product Overview

The PTM's robust design and wireless nature make it conveniently applicable at any location, both in urban and remote environments. A network of affordable PTMs mounted with a variety of sensors will yield a full turnkey insights into the complete dynamics of your environment.

Key Features


  • Completely wireless
  • Real-time data
  • Solar powered
  • Cellular telemetry (optional satellite)
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Versatile data portal included


The flexible PTM makes it conveniently suitable to most sensors types, yielding a complete turnkey insight from a variety of sensors deployed both in urban and remote environments.

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