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Design, build and offer precise real time environmental monitoring solutions to help our customers make better decisions.

Robust and wireless real-time monitoring solutions to suit all budgets and environments.

Easy to use

The small size and integrated telemetry and solar power make our instruments very easy to use and deploy.

FREE Integrated data

All our devices include Free access to the Data Portal at no addition cost whatsoever. No hidden charges, for the lifetime of the device. Who likes paying for subscriptions?


Our mission is to make high quality, environmental and industrial observations easy. Our instruments are designed to be easily installed, compact, robust and low maintenance.


Our Core PTM and Buoy platforms can host a variety of sensors  to communicate real time data with a low cost cellular mobile and satellite connection.

OBS-BUOY400 Wave Buoy

Lightweight, tough, reliable wave measurement buoy, which accurately measures sea surface temperature, full bulk wave and directional wave spectra parameters. Real Time measurements transmitted to the free Obscape Data Portal through low-cost cellular communication.

Purchase includes: Access to the Obscape Data Portal, for the lifetime of your Wave Buoy, 8 x lithium D Cell batteries (up to 12 months lifespan) and 100 EUR free Cellular data (Data lasts up to 12 years).


OBS-BUOY7W Wave Buoy

Accurate, real time wave data captured via a robust telemetry solution (4G, 2G and satellite). Accessible via the free Obscape Data Portal. The OBS-BUOY7W was designed to make your life easy: no receiver station needed, solar-powered, simple mooring solution, deployable by hand and transportable as check-in luggage.

Purchase includes: Access to the Obscape Data Portal, for the lifetime of your Wave Buoy, and 5000 satellite credits to get you started.

PTM Datalogger

Obscape’s Power & Telemetry Module (PTM) is a highly convenient all-in-1 datalogger that will turn any 3rd party sensor  into a plug-and-play real-time monitoring solution.

The popular Core PTM range will suit most areas of observation,  but if you need to monitor something different, let us know and we will find the solution.

Interactive map interface
Real-time data and status monitoring
Easy management of your data and devices

Data Portal

Real-time data from all your Obscape devices will be collected and accessible via the free Obscape Data Portal. The convenient map-based interface allows for integral management of your data, devices and operations.

Free for the lifetime of your Obscape device:

- Unlimited devices per project  - Up to 50 users per project

- Software updates  - Threshold alerts

- Reports  - Diagnostics - Secure Login

- Forwarding options  - White labelling

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Many of our products are versatile so let us help you find a solution for your application needs.


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